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Winncom Engineering Services

Winncom's senior-level RF engineers are experienced and proficient in start-to-finish RF design and engineering services. From link budget calculations and propagation coverage designs to Public Safety and Cellular DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems), Winncom engineers are ready to offer their expertise to ensure that your network runs efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively. Our engineers have been through rigorous education and training courses, not to mention countless hours of experience in the field. With the very best tools at hand like Pathloss 5.0, trust in Winncom to design, maintain, upgrade, and troubleshoot even your most complex wireless communications infrastructures in both outdoor and indoor environments.

Los servicios de ingeniería se utilizan generalmente para ayudar a trazar el espacio interior en cuestión y así determinar qué equipo se necesitará para diseñar el esquema de los tendidos de cables, la ubicación de los divisores, puntos de acceso y otros equipos clave.

Winncom Technologies Certified Engineers utilize the most current tools when designing wireless systems.

Engineering Tools

Winncom consulting services have you covered during the entire spectrum of the project and beyond staying true to our promise of DESIGN • DELIVER • MONITOR • MANAGE.

Winncom Technologies is happy to offer following Engineering Services:

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