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Exalt ExtendAir Licensed Products

Exalt ExtendAir Licensed Products

In this accessible webinar, Mark Davis of Exalt focuses on four points in which the new Exalt ExtendAir Licensed products thrive against the competition. Throughout the webinar, he continues to point out that the ExtendAir Licensed products offer the lowest price on the market for a 100 Mbps licensed radio, that it is the only outdoor Fast Ethernet radio on the market, that it is the only all outdoor native TDM radio, and that it is the only all outdoor radio with three data ports. Another benefit that Mr. Davis emphasizes is the field replaceable diplexer, a key feature that sets these products apart from the competition and adds to its price point value. Valuable and practical, this webinar offers you all the benefits of the ExtendAir Licensed products, while providing competition comparisons, detailed product features, network architecture information, and helpful ordering information. Watch this interesting and persuasive webinar to gain a thorough understanding of the new Exalt ExtendAir Licensed product family.