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Seeing without Being Seen: Cancun Improves Public Safety with Redline

Redline Communications

The Customer
The City of Cancun was developed with tourism in mind. Drawing over five million tourists a year, visitor safety and well-being is a top priority for local government. The City of Cancun takes this responsibility seriously, and has implemented many safety and emergency services.
To further improve public safety, speed police response time and enable better crime analysis, the City decided to install a video surveillance system. The challenge was to provide high-quality video using equipment that would not detract from tourists' enjoyment of the sights. The City needed a solution that offered maximum coverage and a price that was within their budget.

The Challenge
- Deliver high-quality video
- Offer an unobtrusive solution that blends in well
- Provide maximum coverage within a set budget

Redline, in partnership with Intelligence & Telecom (a major systems integrator in Mexico) proposed a video surveillance network using Redline's wireless systems.
Redline's AN-80i and RDL-3000 systems were chosen for the project because of their excellent non-line-of-sight capability; that is, the ability to deliver high throughput even when the antenna is blocked by buildings or trees. Because of this, Redline could use short (3 meter) masts, without detracting from tourists' views of Cancun's natural beauty. Redline's powerful systems support small antennas, which are not obtrusive.
Smaller antennas and shorter masts kept installation costs economical. The total cost to install each camera site was very low, compared to competitors' pricing that required large antennas and masts twice as high.

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