Go Green!

Winncom Technologies has created a line of Energy efficient “Green” solutions, combining our extensive knowledge of wireless products with the worlds leading achievements in the field of energy efficiency. These solutions are safer not only for the environment, but for your wallet as well. Our sustainable power equipment enables you to connect your sites where traditional cable is not possible or cost effective. Backing up the electric grid can be effortless with solutions that extend your reach! 

  1. Solar powered security solution.  Featuring a combination of: scalable IP video surveillance system with intrusion detection, wireless Ethernet transport equipment, and solar powered autonomous uninterruptable power supply. * Autonomy time is calculated with respect to the system location.

  1. ISP and cellular operator wireless sites solar power system. No matter how far the site is, or how high up the mountain you want wireless repeater site to be, we can get you there! You require a rural area network or Wi-Fi within a national park site? – No problem. This solution includes all components to deliver autonomous power for the site. All you need to do is - specify is the power load (equipment) and ensure infrequent battery maintenance.

  1. Have your own project employing solar panels? We can help by delivering charge controllers, solar panels, mounting hardware, management systems, wireless transport for remote areas, and site video monitoring.

We would like to ask for your input, your opinion is very valuable to us. Please answer a few questions below, so we can understand how to serve you better. Pre sale of the solutions is available today and actual solution details are available on demand after completing this form.


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