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Alvarion News


6/21/2016 - Alvarion
SuperCom Subsidiary Alvarion Announces Introduction of a New Line of Wi-Fi Access Points

6/19/2016 - Alvarion
SuperCom to Acquire Wireless Network Provider Alvarion

1/26/2016 - Alvarion
QoE-Driven, Energy-Aware Video Adaptation in 5G Networks: The SELFNET Self-Optimisation Use Case

11/30/2015 - Alvarion
Alvarion Signs Master Distribution Agreement with Winncom Technologies

11/19/2015 - Alvarion
Wi-Fi in Rwandan schools

11/18/2015 - Alvarion
Enabling Progress through Wireless Broadband in Africa: A personal account of a door opener technology and its growing effect on education.

10/31/2015 - Alvarion
Selfnet – Framework for Self-Organized Network Management in Virtualized and Software Defined Networks

9/7/2015 - Alvarion
Alvarion’s Wi-Fi Network Solution to Grant Hi-Speed Internet Access to Numerous Higher Learning Institutions Across Rwanda

3/2/2015 - Alvarion
Alvarion Technologies Releases New Indoor Access Point Managed by Powerful Cloud Controller for Large Scale Carrier Wi-Fi Networks

1/1/2015 - Alvarion
Alvarion Technologies Advanced Wireless Base Station Certified by Wi-Fi Alliance® for Passpoint 1.0

12/1/2014 - Alvarion
Alvarion Technologies Announces Japan Radio Equipment Certification by MiCom Labs for its BreezeULTRA High Capacity Point to Point Solution

10/28/2014 - Alvarion
Alvarion Wireless Solutions

10/28/2014 - Alvarion
Alvarion Wireless Solutions

9/4/2014 - Alvarion
Alvarion’s transformation: positioning wireless products and Smart City solutions

8/28/2014 - Alvarion
Winncom Technologies Continues to Offer Its Distribution Services for Alvarion Technologies

9/23/2013 - Alvarion
Alvarion (in Receivership) Provides Update on Status of Receivership

9/23/2013 - Alvarion
Alvarion (in Receivership) NASDAQ Delisting Hearing Scheduled for October 3, 2013

9/10/2013 - Alvarion
Alvarion (in Receivership) NASDAQ Delisting Hearing is Postponed to a Future Date

9/9/2013 - Alvarion
Valley Telecom will soon be the owner of Alvarion

9/4/2013 - Alvarion
Alvarion (in Receivership) Receives Court Approval for Sale to Valley Telecom

9/1/2013 - Alvarion
Alvarion (in Receivership) announces that the court granted two motions regarding: continued operations and the Nasdaq appeal process

8/29/2013 - Alvarion
Alvarion (in Receivership) Requests the Court to Approve an Improved Proposal from Valley Telecom to Acquire the Company and its Assets

8/27/2013 - Alvarion
Alvarion (in Receivership) Requests Court to Approve Sale of Certain Assets and Controlling Interest of the Company

8/6/2013 - Alvarion
Alvarion (in Receivership) Provides Update on the Status of the Receivership

7/15/2013 - Alvarion
Alvarion Announces Court Decision to Appoint a Receiver for the Company

7/14/2013 - Alvarion
Alvarion Announces Board Decision Not to Oppose SVB’s Request

7/11/2013 - Alvarion
Alvarion Announces Court Decision Not to Unilaterally Enforce Liens and Appoint a Receiver with Respect to Its Assets

7/11/2013 - Alvarion
Alvarion Announces Request by SVB to Enforce Liens and Appoint a Receiver

6/27/2013 - Alvarion
Alvarion Announces Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

6/25/2013 - Alvarion
Alvarion Announces Private Placement of $1.2 million from Clal Finance Underwriting