Acerca de las tecnologías de Westell

    Focused on Innovation at the Edge of Communication Networks

    Westell Technologies, headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, is a global leader of intelligent site management, in-building wireless, cell site optimization, and outside plant solutions focused on wireless innovation at your network's edge. The comprehensive solutions Westell provides enable service providers, tower operators, and other network operators to reduce operating costs while improving network performance. With millions of products successfully deployed worldwide, Westell is a trusted partner for transforming networks into high quality, reliable systems.

    In-Building Wireless

    Westell provides a comprehensive ClearLink® In-Building Wireless Solution to deliver the wireless coverage and capacity required to optimize the customer experience. The ClearLink Solution improves network performance while minimizing operating and capital costs.

    Intelligent Site Management

    Westell provides a comprehensive Intelligent Site Management Solution for service providers and tower operators facing new challenges due to rapidly growing wireless networks. The Intelligent Site Management Solution can be extended to all cell sites (new and existing) to monitor, troubleshoot, and correct problems efficiently and securely.

    Communication Network Solutions

    Westell’s comprehensive Communications Network Solutions expand cell site coverage, optimize fiber, copper and hybrid network deployments, increase system capacity, and protect network equipment. Communications Network Solutions enable telecommunication service providers, cell tower operators, wireline, wireless, cable, utility, and other industrial-network operators to reduce operating costs and improve overall network performance.

    Productos Destacados de Westell

    Class B Signal Boosters - Reach for quality, durability and availability. Reach for WESTELL!

    Westell’s Class B public safety signal boosters supporting 700 MHz, 700 FirstNet (Band 14), and 800 MHz, which are NFPA 72/1221, Listed to ANSI/UL2524 and NEMA-4 compliant. They feature a full compliment of features including adjustable passbands, oscillation detect, automatic isolation test and more.

    Westell’s PS51080E and PS71090E BDAs are enhanced versions of the industry favorite PS Series with several new features including built-in battery charger, all required NFPA 2019 alarms, built-in annunciator panel, improved cable feed-through options, uplink squelch, and are listed to ANSI/UL2524, standard for public safety BDA systems.

    The integrated BBU greatly simplifies installation and reduces installed costs. Order BBC-003 separately to house batteries.

    PS71090E (CS14-722-822) - 90 dB gain, 33 dBm, Public Safety 700+FirstNet/800 2W Signal Booster

    PS51080E (CS14-720-820) - 80 dB gain, 27 dBm, Public Safety 700+FirstNet/800 1/2W Signal Booster

    Product Highlights


    * UL Listings: 2524, 60950-1, 50E Type4
    * Supports Dual-Band 700/800 MHz
    * NFPA 72/1221 Compliant Class B Amplifier
    * 27 dBm, (1/2W) & 33 dBm (2W) Power Output DL/UL
    * 80 dB or 90 dB Gain
    * Built-in battery charging and alarm circuitry
    * Redundant power supplies, operates on 110VAC or 24VDC
    * Built-in Annunciator
    * Uplink Squelch
    * FirstNet Ready
    * Low Power Consumption
    * Passband options - Can be turned on/off independently
    * UL 788-805 / DL 758-775 MHz (17 MHz)
    * UL 806-809 / DL 851-854 MHz (3 MHz)
    * UL 806-816 / DL 851-861 MHz (10 MHz)
    * UL 806-824 / DL 851-869 MHz (18 MHz) (2 Watt Unit Only)
    * Independent Power and Gain Control per Band
    * Sharp SAW filtering reduces interference from competing signals
    * Easy to Install and Maintain
    * Dry Contacts for Fire panel connection
    * Terminal block to support EOL resistors
    * NEMA4 3/4" conduit glands for AC, Battery & Alarms
    * Intelligent Oscillation Management and Self-healing
    * Shutdown in the Event of Non-Correctable Conditions
    * VSWR Antenna Monitoring
    * Supports both digital and analog modulation including P25 phase 1 & 2
    * Supports SNMP

    Design Your Optimal Westell Network

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