Acerca de Vummi

    Vumii Imaging is a night vision technology pioneer that delivers a broad spectrum of thermal imaging and near-IR security products that are time-tested and field-proven. Our products incorporate the latest infrared thermal imaging and optical technology and use only high quality components. Vumii’s portfolio of thermal imaging cameras and near-IR illuminated cameras provide every piece of the puzzle for detection, recognition, and identification tasks, day or night.

    Vumii's high-quality, field-proven, zero-light surveillance products are embedded with more than 30 years of thermal imaging infrared camera development experience. Vumii’s night vision products include a portfolio of camera systems that provide long range detection, recognition and identification night or day and consists of fixed and PTZ thermal imaging cameras, multi-sensor PTZ camera systems, and near-IR illuminated PTZ camera systems.

    Thermal imaging cameras passively detect the thermal energy emitted by all objects and materials to generate a greyscale video image based on the differentiation between the temperature of an active body and the background. Illuminating cameras actively generate their own near-IR illumination that is projected to and reflects off of a scene and back to the camera, much the same as how visible light is emitted by the sun and reflected to our eyes.

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