About Trylon

    Trylon has been recognized for its rugged, high-quality towers since 1932. Over the past 80 years we've stayed at the forefront of telecommunications infrastructure as a tower manufacturer and expert and our towers and networks can now be found in more than 30 countries and almost every continent.

    Today we are recognized for our ability to deliver every step of an infrastructure project: from concept and design to completion and long-term operation.

    Whether your project is relatively straightforward or staggeringly complex, wherever in the world you wish to extend the freedom of wireless communication, trust Trylon.

    Trylon Featured Product

    SuperTITAN® Self-Supporting Towers

    SuperTITAN® Self-Supporting Towers

    Trylon's SuperTitan KD bridges the cost gap between the lighter-weight Titan towers and more costly custom-designed towers. The SuperTitan KD is a modular tower that can be built up to 190 feet high. Consisting of 21 standard sections, each 10 feet high, this modular system can be configured to create towers of varying heights and loading capacities. One quality Trylon prides itself on is efficiency, to that end we have designed a new method of shipping our SuperTitan® KD towers. This new method drastically lowers the space needed to ship our towers, cutting it down to half of the previous area needed. As a result, our customers benefit through their minimized freight cost, reduced storage space required and a vastly improved ecological and economic footprint. The SuperTitan KD design conforms to ANSI-TIA-222 F&G Standard and can be stamped by a professional engineer.

    SuperTITAN KD Specifications

    • Brand New Packaging Process
    • Minimize freight costs (weight & dimensions)
    • Minimizes storage space
    • Improved economic footprint
    • All members are hot-dip galvanized throughout
    • Designed to conform to TIA/EIA standard
    • Maximum height: 190ft
    • Section height: 10ft
    • ANSI-TIA-222 F&G

    SuperTITAN KD Applications

    • Emergency Services (Police, Fire, etc.)
    • SCADA Systems
    • Broadband
    • Base Station towers

    The SuperTITAN KD Difference

    • Maximum height 190ft compared to 150ft for competitors
    • New innovative packaging
    • Drastically reduces freight costs
    • Product in stock at distributor locations
    • Reduced lead-times vs. direct shipments from manufacturer

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