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    About Solis Energy

    Solis Energy, Inc. is a global provider of reliable, continuous outdoor power generation, connectivity and back-up for low wattage applications.

    Established in September 2005, Solis Energy was founded by seasoned executives and engineers whose values stemmed from the critical infrastructure and high reliability demands of the telecommunications industry. Solis has positioned itself to provide new, continuous power solutions to address the growing needs of the MESH, wireless, SCADA and security/surveillance industries. Built from the "ground up", Solis products provide cost-effective, reliable and rugged outdoor power to support the most mission-critical low-voltage applications, regardless of their location. Solis products are designed to be "smart", enabling you work easier and smarter, therefore moving you far beyond basic power availability and connectivity issues.

    The company's customers include: airports, municipalities, law enforcement agencies, public utilities, corporate enterprises and telecommunications companies. Through their products and outstanding customer service, Solis Energy has earned a reputation for innovative solutions, quality products and reliable performance.

    Solis Energy is committed to developing innovative, reliable products that provide flexible solutions, allowing our customers to take control of their outdoor power requirements.

    Solis Energy Featured Product

    Solar Power Plant

    Solar Power Plants

    Solis Energy offers a complete platform of SP-Series Power Generators to deliver solar generated electricity to your specific applications anytime and anywhere. SP-series Solar Generators are ideally suited for low wattage requirements in remote sites including wireless access points, cameras and security systems. Efficiently power your equipment via direct 12/24/48 volt DC, Power over Ethernet (POE), or inverter supplied AC.

    SP-series Solar Generators provide telecommunication, enterprise and government organizations with a renewable energy source to support a diverse set of custom applications.

    A Sound Business Solution

    Cost Effective. The SP Series provides a cost effective and flexible alternative for providing power where conventional power doesn’t exist. Solar generators eliminate the costs and potential damage from core drills to access rooftop locations or trenching through roadways and runways.

    Adaptable. The SP Series Solar Generators are engineered for fast and easy installation and require minimal maintenance and upkeep. All systems can be fixed for a permanent solution or easily transported and relocated for temporary or interim requirements.

    Our unique advantage is our flexibility to fit your specific requirements:
    • Reliable. Designed to provide continuous power even under harsh conditions.
    • Rugged. Quality components assure long system life and continuous power delivery over a wide range of temperature and climate variations.
    • Versatile. Available in 12, 24 or 48 volt models supporting DC, AC or Power over Ethernet loads.
    • Visible. The optional SNMP monitoring module provides full visibility into the status of the Solar Generator including temperature, battery, load and photovoltaic power.