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    As a trusted partner for critical networks, we are committed to innovation and technology leadership across mobile, fixed and cloud networks. We create value with intellectual property and long-term research, led by the award-winning Nokia Bell Labs.

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    Nokia WiFi Solution

    Nokia WiFi - Create a perfect broadband experience in every corner of the home

    In-home connectivity is a big challenge for broadband network operators. The excellent service provided to the home is often undone by a poor experience inside the home. And when that happens, end-user usually blame the service provider. In fact, 30% of service provider helpdesk calls are Wi-Fi related, costing on average $26 each to resolve. The impact of poor Wi-Fi on both costs and end-customer satisfaction are significant. Nokia WiFi solves this problem. It uses the industry’s most advanced technology to create an exceptional in-home Wi-Fi experience that increases end-user loyalty and revenues. As a service provider solution, it lets the operator see inside the home network to maximize performance, prevent problems, and detect new service opportunities.

    Nokia WiFi Beacons

    The Nokia WiFi Beacons extend the whole home Wi-Fi experience for broadband subscribers. The Nokia WiFi Beacons operate seamlessly together with selected Nokia residential gateways and/or other Nokia beacons, premium class Beacon supports Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi EasyMesh™, to create a whole-home coverage mesh network backhauled by wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi. The end-user experience with the intelligent self-organizing mesh system is enhanced by a service provider’s Wi-Fi care capabilities in the cloud and intuitive home user support using the Nokia mobile app.

    Smart Nokia WiFi devices constantly monitor the environment and work around any interference issues in real-time.

    Intelligent Channel Selection always guarantees the best possible channel. Band steering, client steering, and seamless handover complement the optimization to give the best user experience.

    Beacon 10

    The ultimate Wi-Fi 6E Tri-band Gateway

    Wi-Fi Capacity of AX10200

    Beacon G6.2

    The Fastest Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router

    Support for PoE+ PSE

    Beacon G6

    The Fastest Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router

    Wi-Fi Capacity of AX6000

    Beacon 6

    The Premium Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router

    Wi-Fi Capacity of AX4200

    Beacon 2

    Unbelievable Value Wi-Fi 6 Solution

    Wi-Fi Capacity of AX1800

    Beacon 1.1

    Incredible Entry-level Wi-Fi 5 Router

    Wi-Fi Capacity of AC1200

    Nokia Featured Product

    Nokia Wi-Fi Beacon G6 - Beacon Gateway for the Intelligent Mesh Network

    El Nokia Wi-Fi Beacon G6 amplía la experiencia de Wi-Fi en todo el hogar para los suscriptores de banda ancha. Esta puerta de enlace de clase premium Beacon Gateway es compatible con Wi-Fi 6 y Wi-Fi EasyMesh[tm], para crear una red de malla de cobertura en todo el hogar con conexión de respaldo mediante Ethernet cableado o Wi-Fi. Esta cobertura se puede ampliar en cualquier momento instalando unidades adicionales del Nokia Wi-Fi Beacon 2 para garantizar un roaming perfecto en todo el hogar. El Beacon G6 incluye el middleware de malla Wi-Fi de Nokia, que asegura el mejor rendimiento posible de Wi-Fi. La experiencia del usuario final con el sistema de malla autoorganizativa inteligente se mejora mediante las capacidades de gestión de Wi-Fi del proveedor de servicios en la nube y el soporte intuitivo para el usuario doméstico mediante la aplicación móvil Nokia Wi-Fi.

    El Nokia WiFi Beacon G6 es un sistema de malla Wi-Fi 6 de doble banda con Wi-Fi EasyMesh certificado por Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA), mejorado con funciones de valor añadido de Nokia. El middleware de malla Wi-Fi de Nokia crea una red auto-reparadora y auto-optimizadora. Incluye selección inteligente de canales, dirección de banda, dirección de clientes y gestión de conexión de respaldo para proporcionar el mejor rendimiento de Wi-Fi. El Nokia WiFi Beacon G6 asumirá el papel de enrutador inalámbrico con acceso a la red de banda ancha y la red de malla inalámbrica se puede ampliar aún más con unidades adicionales del Nokia WiFi Beacon 2.

    Latest Nokia Products

    Liquid Cooled Baseband

    Nokia has pioneered the use of alternatives to traditional forced air-cooling. This has resulted in an innovative liquid-cooled version of Nokia’s acclaimed baseband, the AirScale System Module as well as a traditional air-cooled model. Both products provide the same capabilities, features and use the same software.

    Liquid-cooled AirScale baseband:

    • reduces cooling system CO2 emissions by 90%

    • reduces cooling system cost of energy by 90%

    • provide an opportunity for the otherwise wasted heat generated by baseband hotels to be used, while also reducing base station CO2 emissions by 80%.

    Nokia Products Portfolio

    Portafolio de Radio

    Active Antennas
    Small Cells

    Portafolio de Banda Base

    Indoor Baseband Sub-racks
    Plug-in Cards
    Native Outdoor Baseband

    Portafolio de Accesorios y Software


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