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    NEWMAR has been a leading manufacturer of high quality communication DC power products for over 45 years.

    Newmar Power has been providing reliable power solutions for over five decades. From humble beginnings to a renowned brand known for premium, reliable solutions in multiple industries including network communications, telecom, public safety and commercial marine, Newmar Power is a trusted brand for all DC and AC power for both indoor and outdoor applications.

    Newmar is committed to meeting requirements and increasing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of our Quality Management System.

    Producto Destacado de Newmar

    AC UPS

    Rugged AC UPS Series

    Insure Against Utility Grid Failures

    The new UPS from Newmar delivers reliable AC power to ensure critical equipment and infrastructure are always powered up. Prevent or minimize loss to property and life in telecom, public safety, industrial, traffic, transportation and remote communication sites.

    The Rugged AC UPS Series provides critical equipment a secure source of clean AC power during utility grid failures and brownouts. A line-interactive UPS, the series features wide range Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) allowing the UPS to stay in normal operation without transferring to back-up mode during temporary voltage irregularities, preserving and extending battery life cycle. The series also contains temperature compensated battery charging which enhances battery life.

    Engineered to meet the demanding applications and harsh environments of outdoor cabinets, traffic and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), public safety and remote communication sites; the Rugged AC UPS features a wide AC input voltage range of 88 - 152V AC and operates at extreme hot and cold temperatures.

    Why trust Newmar’s AC backup power solution?

    • Ideal for in-building applications and/or extreme outdoor environments

    • Can operate in temperature conditions ranging from -40°C to 80°C

    • Built-in temperature-compensated battery charging helps to maximize battery life while preserving and extending the battery life cycle

    • Certified to UL 1778/CSA 107.3, and FCC CFR Part 15, Subpart B, Class A EMI

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