About netElastic Systems

    netElastic is an innovative software company providing high-performance routing solutions for broadband providers. netElastic developed one of the first software-based (or virtual) broadband network gateways (vBNGs). With successful customer deployments across the globe, netElastic is widely recognized as an innovative leader in vBNGs.

    netElastic’s software-based CGNAT is also disrupting the CGNAT status quo, since it provides the most important CGNAT features at a fraction of the cost of traditional proprietary CGNAT solutions.

    netElastic is based in Santa Clara, California, the heart of Silicon Valley.

    Virtual Broadband Network Gateway (vBNG)

    Virtual Broadband Network Gateway (vBNG) - Subscriber Access Services Router

    Subscriber bandwidth demand continues to increase and is being fueled by more connected devices, video streaming, and gaming. Unfortunately, hardware-based BNGs are difficult to near impossible to scale elastically and can’t efficiently support rapidly increasing subscriber growth.

    Greater Scalability and High Performance

    netElastic vBNG increases network scalability by separating network functions from proprietary hardware appliances. By separating network functions from the physical infrastructure, you don’t have to purchase additional hardware appliances every time you need more network capacity.

    netElastic vBNG delivers unmatched performance and scalability with a highly optimized data plane and patented packet processing techniques. vBNG delivers up to 700 Gbps throughput (on a single server) and can be scaled to support multi-terabit services.

    Lower Costs

    vBNG’s software-based approach and industry-leading scalability can help broadband providers save up to 70% in costs compared to traditional BNG vendors. vBNG takes advantage of the ever-increasing power of off-the-shelf x86 platforms to provide the elastic scalability that edge networks need, and at much lower costs.

    Full Protocol and Feature Support

    vBNG provides subscriber management services and supports all common BNG access features such as PPPoE and IPoE, subscriber traffic policing and shaping, and optional CGNAT. Full routing protocol support includes MPLS, OSPF, BGP, and others.

    netElastic vBNG

    See BNG Packages to learn about vBNG configurations designed to fit the most common use cases.

    Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT)

    Solution to Conserve IPv4 Addresses while Transitioning to IPv6

    netElastic’s software-based CGNAT enables broadband providers to conserve their pool of IPv4 addresses, thereby reducing the need to purchase expensive IPv4 addresses. CGNAT is built on netElastic’s high-performance virtual router technology – a very scalable software architecture that delivers high translation performance while supporting a broad range of additional routing capabilities.

    Lower Costs

    Unlike legacy CGNAT solutions with proprietary hardware, netElastic CGNAT runs on commodity white box servers. This makes netElastic CGNAT a cost-effective alternative to higher priced solutions. In fact, netElastic CGNAT can help service providers lower costs by up to 80% compared to other CGNAT solutions.

    Application Support

    netElastic CGNAT has built-in support for application layer gateways to ensure common applications operate reliably and transparently through CGNAT.

    Advanced Logging

    Advanced logging capabilities enable network operators to configure the level of IP Detail Record (IPDR) required by their regulatory body, making it easy to identify subscriber information at any point in history. netElastic also has built-in log management to compress and rotate logs, which simplifies operations.


    netElastic uses DPDK and advanced packet processing to achieve near line-rate throughput on 10G, 25G, 40G, and 100G interfaces.


    netElastic CGNAT is highly scalable and can deliver 5 Gbps to well over 360 Gbps on a single server. And it supports up to 6 million NAT sessions.

    netElastic Resource Center

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