MP Antenna

    Why MP Antenna?

    Tailored Solutions

    MP Antenna builds to suit. Utilizing the latest technologies, our expert team will provide a solution that vastly improves signal strength, penetration, and connectivity in the most dynamic environments.

    Advanced Technologies

    Our patented antennas outperform all other NLOS antennas in quality, reliability, and price while providing network users with increased data throughout, enhanced voice clarity, and multi-path mitigation.

    Smart Manufacturing

    Every project has a deadline. At MP Antenna, it’s our goal to make sure you hit yours. Our products are designed and manufactured in the U.S. and can be ready to ship within 24 hours. For examples, visit our Case Studies.

    Proven Success

    MP Antenna’s patented products and technology are tested and approved in a range of different environments, applications, and markets to increase usability for mobile and fixed communications.

    MP Antenna Featured Product

    Dual Band 3X MIMO Omnidirectional Antenna

    The 3X MIMO DUAL BAND by MP Antenna is a low profile Multi-Polarized MIMO (Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output) antenna providing superior patterning and continuous wideband performance (4.9GHz - 6GHz) for outdoor fixed or mobile data communications. The 2X-MIMO-DUAL BAND provides two separate antenna feeds and elements that provide maximum diversity for 2.4/4.9/5.8 GHz WiFi and WiMAX broadband wireless frequencies. Featuring a built in ground plane, high performance low loss cables, and high quality connectors for maximum system efficiency. Custom configurations are also available.

    Dual Band MIMO Omni


    • Three Separate Antenna Feeds
    • Obstruction Penetrating TX/RX
    • Enhanced Connectivity & Throughput
    • Built In Spatial Diversity
    • Wide Band Performance
    • Integrated Ground Plane
    • UV Stabilized Materials
    • Single 3/4” Stud Mount


    • Wireless Broadband Systems
    • WiFi AP, Router, Bridge, CPE
    • 2.4 & 5 GHz Band Applications
    • Wireless Broadband Systems
    • Wireless Mesh Systems
    • Vehicle WiFi
    • High Obstruction Deployments
    • Outdoor Fixed or Mobile Applications

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