About Mimosa

    Mimosa is the leader in cloud-managed, hybrid fiber-wireless (HFW) network solutions for the post-copper era. Deploying Massive MIMO technology, Mimosa designs and manufactures outdoor gigabit wireless platforms for service providers demanding fiber-fast networks. Mimosa technology provides the highest level of scale, capacity and reliability for multiple verticals and applications.

    Recent technology innovations are finally bringing fixed wireless into prime time, and large industry players are jumping in. Google Access recently declared its intention to abandon fiber for wireless at the last mile. Verizon is shifting its 5G strategy from a mobile solution to fixed access. Squarely in the center of this renaissance, Mimosa is uniquely positioned to deliver the next generation devices that address the exploding consumer and business demand for faster and more scalable broadband internet.

    Our service provider customers are in underserved rural settings, competitive suburban settings and high-density urban environments, all around the world. These service providers can now provide an unparalleled level of connectivity to enterprise customers, home subscribers and public entities including schools, hospitals and city offices.

    Mimosa Technology - What Sets Us Apart?

    Mimosa B5

    Massive MIMO

    “Multiple-In-Multiple-Out” technology has fueled the growth in Mobile and Wi-Fi capacity, continually improving spectrum efficiency with the addition of more MIMO streams and smart antenna array technologies. Mimosa is leading this innovation by leveraging disruptive low-cost chip technology.

    Beamforming & Multi-User MIMO

    As Massive MIMO increases capacity, antenna beamforming is a crucial technology innovation used by an access point that allows spectrum to be reused by multiple clients simultaneously, radically improving the simultaneous capacity of the radios. Using precise geopositioning information from each client, wireless antenna transmit signals which are focused towards each unique client, achieving improved signal levels, and significantly reducing interference in the spectrum. Beamforming also creates spatial opportunities for additional MIMO streams to be used simultaneously, a technology known as Multi-User MIMO. In outdoor wireless, as MIMO technology grows from 1.5 up to 10 Gbps of capacity at the access point, MU-MIMO enables these powerful hubs to share that bandwidth to wireless clients to achieve even higher spectral efficiency.

    Synchronized Spectrum Reuse

    Mimosa scales spectrum reuse beyond a single access point, stretching the benefits across an entire network. Current fixed wireless deployments typically require using the entirety of available multipoint spectrum as networks scale, quickly running out of necessary capacity and exhausting this precious resource. By synchronizing and coordinating all the clients in the network to communicate in unison, the “self interference” can be eliminated, opening up service possibilities in even the highest population density deployments. By using high precision GPS for synchronization in each access point, Mimosa maximizes spectrum capacity, and improves operation in heavier noise environments.

    Complete Cloud Control

    Operating a wireless network goes far beyond great wireless devices, it involves proactively handling the wide range of problems encountered in outdoor networking and wireless interference. Mimosa’s advanced cloud technology constantly keeps tabs on each device as well as network-wide spectrum conditions, to get the most out of scarce spectrum resources. While each Mimosa device is smartly self-aware, Mimosa Cloud services streamline the subscriber experience and optimize spectrum use network-wide.

    Mimosa Featured Product

    Mimosa A5 Access Point

    Mimosa A5 - Unparalleled Access Point

    The Mimosa A5 access point delivers cutting-edge multipoint technology for service providers to affordably deliver the industry’s first scalable gigabit wireless broadband network.

    Fiber Speed Access
    Capable of delivering the speed business users and consumers need at a fraction of the cost of delivering fiber to the premise.

    Network-Wide Cloud Control
    Mimosa Cloud makes deployment a breeze, interacting with devices network-wide to proactively assist the A5 to optimize network and subscriber experience for the best performance and capacity management.

    Smart Quad Panel
    Experience unprecedented coverage and gain with the first directional MIMO technology providing four individual 90º panels that uniquely transmit MIMO streams only in the direction of a desired client. The access point is also freed up to simultaneously transmit to an additional client in a different direction.

    Working Above the Noise
    Advanced Auto-Gain Control techniques automatically squelch out underlying interference with only 10 dB of operating margin required to deliver incredible client performance.

    Compact and Fast
    With up to 1.5 Gbps of total capacity, the Mimosa A5 is the industry’s fastest multipoint solution in a tiny form factor, making suburban rooftop or urban installation a fast, easy and discrete solution.

    Network Scalability Perfected
    Unique integrated high precision GPS Sync technology allows every deployed device to be collaboratively synchronized across the network, allowing easy channel reuse to save spectrum network-wide.

    Mimosa Product Families

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