Acerca de Fontech

    Fontech cuenta con más de una década de experiencia brindando servicios WiFi a nivel operador en todo el mundo. De hecho, nuestra tecnología se utiliza para administrar mas de 21 millones de puntos críticos en los cinco continentes.

    Debido al auge de tráfico de datos móviles, la creciente demanda de conectividad y la naturaleza cambiante de las redes móviles, queríamos utilizar nuestra experiencia y tecnología única para permitir a nuestros clientes construir y administrar sus propias redes WiFi y ofreciendo valores agregados en servicios basados en Wifi. Así que creamos Fontech para hacer que la administración de WiFi sea inteligente y simple.

    Trusted WiFi software provider

    We provide the software and services for the management of WiFi networks, the virtualization of WiFi routers, as well as the facilitation of connection to WiFi networks. Fontech offers three solution categories:

    • Carrier WiFi - Our portfolio of carrier-grade solutions grants operators the power to configure, deliver, and operate their own WiFi services as well as offer seamless connectivity to their customers wherever they are. Our technology also allows them to implement new, innovative, WiFi-related business models for use cases such as IoT and Smart Cities.
    • Enterprise WiFi - Fontech has developed a set of solutions for the provision of Guest WiFi and WiFi security and marketing services. Our technology offers centralized management through a simple hierarchical structure, and additional products to adapt the solution to the specific needs of many business verticals, including hotels, retailers, and small businesses.
    • Home WiFi - Our solution enables operators to improve the home WiFi experience of customers whilst gaining visibility and control over the service. This empowers operators to increase client satisfaction and reduce churn and operating costs through improved customer support tools and a reduction in support calls.

    Soluciones de Fontech


    WiFi Service Management Platform (WSMP)

    The WiFi Service Management Platform (WSMP) allows WiFi Network Administrators either Service Providers (SPs), integrators or enterprises to deliver WiFi services to customers of any vertical from hotels to retail and workplaces or education, as many others.

    What is Fontech’s WSMP?

    WSMP is a software platform delivering everything WiFi network administrators need to manage, operate, and monetize Guest WiFi services from one unique platform.

    What can WiFi network managers do with WSMP?

    Whether businesses like hotels or malls are managing their WiFi service internally, or they have decided to do it through a Service Provider or Integrator, WiFi network administrators will be able to easily operate the service and take the following actions:

    • Provide WiFi Connectivity.
    • Configure the WiFi experience: since hotspot deployments can be segmented into multi-level hierarchical structures, the WiFi experience can be customized on each of them as well as apply different business rules to each one depending on their specific needs and client types. A centralized web-panel, the WSMP console, makes configuring these networks simple.
    • Monetize services: multiple monetization rules can be set in exchange for WiFi services, all depending on the business target pursued.
    • Centrally manage multiple WiFi networks and customer types: WSMP allows WiFi network administrators to manage multiple WiFi networks (from one shop to a commercial center with many of them, or from a hotel to a worldwide chain), and end-users connecting to those networks from a central location. This significantly reduces complexity and operation costs.
    • Analyze performance: through the metrics dashboard, insight into how customers use the WiFi network can be gained, as well as socio-demographic information on WiFi users. WiFi network administrators can obtain valuable KPIs that anticipate opportunities and challenges, helping business owners to implement continuous improvement strategies.

    Why WSMP?

    WSMP was specifically designed to include many advantages:

    • Deployment versatility: cloud-based, on premises, or hybrid
    • Open and pluggable: API-REST based, ensuring easy integration and adaptation to business context and needs
    • High scalability & availability
    • Vendor agnostic: Fontech’s platform allows for rapid roll-outs because it is interoperable (all vendors) and comes preintegrated to interface with hardware from leading manufacturers (Alcatel, Huawei, Ericsson, Cisco, Ruckus, Meraki, etc.)
    • Multi-tenant and multi-hierarchy support: allows for network segmentation and different client network typologies
    • Multiple monetization models: to meet a variety of different business objectives
    • Multiple authentication methods: captive portal, 801.2x, EAP SIM, AKA, AKA’, TTLS, WISPr
    • Customizable look & feel
    • Adapted to all sectors: since each business vertical comes with its own specific needs, Fontech’s WSMP was designed to adapt perfectly to each one of them.

    Enterprise Control Platform

    New devices and network security: a growing challenge

    Laptops, personal and company-owned cell phones, tablets. Employees must be able to connect these wireless devices and others to corporate networks. In fact, wireless access is essential in today’s agile office environment which tends to encourage group work, communal workstations (instead of fixed seating), and other non-traditional means for getting work done. Given this context, it’s clear that security of wireless access to corporate networks is more crucial than ever.

    Enterprise Control was developed to meet the need to guarantee both network security and usability when it comes to secure wireless access to corporate networks. Its infrastructure enables the usage of WPA2-Enterprise networks including an onboarding portal, policy management, user/device authentication and authorization, and administrator tools to give visibility and control over the WiFi network. Also, it includes the most advanced corporate Guest WiFi system on the market.

    The WiFi Service Management Platform (WSMP) allows WiFi Network Administrators either Service Providers (SPs), integrators or enterprises to deliver WiFi services to customers of any vertical from hotels to retail and workplaces or education, as many others.

    What is Fontech’s Enterprise Control?


    Enterprise Control is a cloud management platform that ensures secure access on the wireless networks of enterprises, allowing WPA2-Enterprise to be implemented and managed without investing in complex, on-premises infrastructure. Onboarding is made easy for anyone allowed to connect to the network, making it impossible for those without the proper privileges.

    With Fontech’s Enterprise Control, network access policies can be managed for devices and users with two additional advantages:

    • Cloud Multi-tenant platform - Enterprise Control has been developed in the cloud to provide a corporate service to different clients simultaneously. This way, Service Providers (SPs) managing the corporate networks of multiple clients have complete visibility and control of the service they are providing. Additionally, SP customers can decide the level of management they want to outsource: SPs can assume all or just a part of the management depending on the client. Since the platform is in the cloud, requirements such as infrastructure scalability and platform updates are guaranteed.
    • Completely agnostic solution - From every angle, Enterprise Control can be considered agnostic. It works with any type of wireless infrastructure or vendor, and with any device -regardless of its operating system- or user domain management provider: it can be integrated both with on-premise users directories (e.g. LDAP, Active Directory) or in the cloud (e.g. Office 365 and Google G-Suite).


    Location-Based Services (LBS)

    Fontech’s Location-Based Services (LBS) provides real-time analytics of physical spaces: who enters the venue, how they move, areas where visitors tend to stop, cold spots, and of those visitors who buy, how many return. It also features person counters and queue management. This information allows business owners to improve their business management and make decisions such as physical layout configuration, number of staff, and product promotion based on objective data. LBS also allows the generation of marketing campaigns and offers tools to measure its effectiveness.

    Fontech’s revolutionary LBS software is integrated with our WiFi Service Management Platform (WMSP) that helps retailers, as well as hotel managers and business owners of all verticals, better understand factors like client, customer, and visitor preferences and behavior. Fontech’s LBS can integrate data from a variety of business applications (TPV, ERP, CRM, RRHH, etc.) through a push-and-pull API.

    Physical retailers and venue owners must transform real-world insights into action, and action into competitive advantages

    The benefits of e-commerce for retailers are undeniable because retailers can easily measure and gather data online (e.g. demographic, socioeconomic, customer interests, campaign/offer effectiveness, and A/B test results) that help them to make business decisions and act accordingly. Retailers can discover how to improve based on real, objective data.

    But what about physical retailers? While e-commerce integrates advanced tools to connect and measure customer behavior online, brick-and-mortar retailers continue relying on inefficient tools. They too must embrace technology to transform realworld insights into action and competitive advantages. That’s why at Fontech we offer tools for gathering the actionable data they’ll need to start promoting their businesses with all of the advantages that technology has to offer. Leveraging their WiFi infrastructure and location-based services (LBS) from Fontech, physical retailers get insights on all types on customer behavior and can transform them into new revenue streams.

    What can physical retailers and venue owners do with Fontech’s LBS?

    This powerful tool empowers them to:

    • Measure - High-value data allows venue and shop owners to measure visitor behavior and experience.
    • Analyze - Insights from an intuitive platform give an accurate vision of the business in real time. LBS offers intelligent and effective analytics that are easy to understand and translate into valuable business information, helping venue owners and retailers make informed decisions.
    • Act - Fontech’s LBS makes it easy to generate marketing campaigns that promote products and services, and provides tools to measure their impact, attribution, and effectiveness. With all the objective data gathered, retailers can adapt their stores and venues accordingly (physical layout, staff hours and distribution, product placing, etc.) to improve customer experience and boost sales.

    Fontech’s LBS allows retailers and business owners to gather insights on the behavior of their customers which will help them evaluate their management and action plans with objective data, turning numbers into valuable information and benefits:

    • Convert visitors into loyal clients: Identifying new and repeat customers allows business owners to offer rewards.
    • Provide customers with a better in-store experience: Understanding their preferences, movement patterns, and behavior help business owners and retailers to offer them what they’re looking for.
    • Easily promote products and services through marketing campaigns: Fontech’s LBS contains a powerful marketing tool that allows business owners to connect with customers.
    • Understand store and venue profitability: Statistics on the visitor-to-client conversion rate during the day can help take actions that maximize business profitability.
    • Optimize the staff management: Knowing the number of daily visitors and their foot traffic around a business space helps venue owners efficiently manage staff by understanding peak times, rush hours, and hot spots.
    • Optimize the store or venue layout: Recognizing hot and cold spots in the venue helps retailers and venue owners optimize their layout design. They’ll learn how to effectively position products or services and measure before and after effects.

    Hotel Manager

    Managing and operating a hotel’s WiFi service can become a complicated task. That’s why Fontech has designed a specific web interface, Hotel Manager, to help hoteliers stay focused on what’s really important: their guests. Hotel Manager includes everything hoteliers need to configure the exact type of access they want to offer guests. Fontech’s product let hotel managers forget about difficult deployments or tough-to-use consoles. And not only that, but they can leverage WiFi, which is now a basic guest expectation, to increase positive online reviews and keep guests satisfied by implementing a tool to better communicate with them.

    Hotel Manager is a web-based tool specifically designed for the hospitality vertical that displays relevant WSMP features in a user-friendly and intuitive way. It also includes functionalities for hotel review/rating management and reporting.

    Hotel Manager makes service operation easy and lets hoteliers customize how guests connect to their WiFi. One of its differentiating features is that it allows hoteliers to collect feedback on their service and manage responses accordingly: customers who give positive feedback can be invited to leave a review on hotel booking sites and social media, while negative feedback will trigger an alert to a designated hotel team or staff member(s) to take remedial action.

    The captive portal can be fully customized to reflect a hotel’s branding. Another strength of Hotel Manager is that it can be integrated with Property Management Systems (PMS) in order to offer guests a fully unified experience with other hotel services: log in with booking information, payments added directly to the hotel bill, etc. Fontech

    With Hotel Manager, hoteliers can:

    Create different types of admin users

    Hotel Manager allows hoteliers to create different admin roles for users of the tool. When signing in, hotel employees can select the hotel(s) for which they have WiFi service management permissions.

    If desired, the configuration of the WiFi experience can be personalized for different groups of hotels, buildings, or even specific zones within a single location.

    Customize the guests experience

    Hoteliers can completely customize the WiFi experience of guests.

    Configure the way guests access WiFi:

    • Access options: These options determine how guests will log in (i.e. with PMS information, using previously shared credentials, self-registration). Social network access can also be enabled which, on top of being easier for guests, lets the hotel obtain more social-demographic information. Finally, hoteliers can also request additional data from guests at login (e.g. email address, nationality, address, etc.).
    • Free / Paid WiFi: WiFi can either be offered for free or for a charge, and hotel managers can configure the bandwidth and/or pricing they want to offer to each type of user. Paid WiFi can be automatically added to the room bill thanks to PMS integration.
    • Access codes: Hotels can also provide WiFi through access codes which can be, for example, offered for free or sold at the front desk, and hotel employees can easily set an amount of time and a number of users in order to generate codes. They can also view a list of access codes that are currently in use. This is especially beneficial for hotels that host ad hoc events or meetings in which people who are not necessarily hotel guests will need access.

    Customize the captive portal

    Hotel Manager includes a powerful captive portal editor so that hoteliers can customize the entire look and feel of the captive portal to follow the brand style of the hotel: colors, logos, messages, service conditions, etc.

    Configure marketing functionalities to increase positive reviews and resolve issues

    Hotel Manager gives hoteliers the power to send guests a survey during their stay in order to gather insights about their satisfaction level. Depending on how guests respond to the survey, hotels can trigger different actions:

    • Positive result - satisfied guest: Guests can be redirected to any website -such as booking sites or social media pages- and will be encouraged to leave a positive review.
    • Negative result - dissatisfied guest: A member of the hotel staff will be alerted (by email) to take immediate action for resolving the guest’s issue.

    Analyze the results of satisfaction surveys

    Hotel Manager displays the results of all marketing initiatives in order to provide a general view of:

    • User satisfaction: The total number of guest responses, satisfaction/dissatisfaction trends, average rating, and a detailed graph of the number of stars given by guests
    • Dissatisfied users: The number of times the hotel has been alerted to follow up on low reviews
    • Rating over time
    • Specific, detailed view of ratings on each booking site

    Monitor overall service through statistics

    Hotel Manager collects various statistics, all of which can be filtered by date, printed, and imported to a csv. file for further analysis.

    Gather information on specific users

    Hotel staff can access information on all guests that have connected to the hotel’s WiFi. Accessing user profiles allows staff to view, update, or complete user information. Sessions are also displayed, and hotel bills can be easily downloaded if necessary.

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