About Aranet

    Aranet offers industrial IoT environmental monitoring solutions for a variety of applications. The simple to use environment monitoring systems offer unique 3km/1.9mi or more line-of-sight receiving range between the wireless sensors and the base station. Aranet is suitable for large industrial site applications as well as smaller scale operations. Aranet systems include free computer software that helps you view, analyze and compare data in real time from any device.

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    Aranet Products Overview

    Aranet Solutions

    Warehouse and Cold Storage

    Maintain the best storage conditions for your warehousing needs!

    Aranet temperature and humidity monitoring solutions allow remote viewing, analyzing and comparing of data ensuring the best quality control and adaptable settings for each client’s needs. Set different alert thresholds for all the Aranet sensors and receive warnings via SMS or E-mail 24/7.


    HVAC & Building Management

    Take HVAC systems to the next level with Aranet IoT monitoring solutions! Aranet can be integrated with existing equipment and wireless sensors can be deployed without extra installation expense. Save costs on heating and air conditioning for hospitals, schools, museums, data centers, pharmacies, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, vacant properties.

    Aranet provides wireless monitoring solutions for precise temperature, humidity and CO2 measurements. Receive alert notifications via e-mail or SMS before it becomes a problem.


    Greenhouse Growers

    Ensure the best growing conditions for optimizing yield by monitoring temperature and humidity levels, light, soil substrate moisture, nutrients and weight with Aranet horticulture sensors. Save energy, water and fertilizer costs with micro-management of your greenhouse environment.

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    Grocery Store and Food Production

    Stay compliant in heavily regulated industries by providing the validation needed for compliance and quality control. Save money with reduced food waste through improving quality control in storage facilities and production rooms.

    Automated temperature and humidity data aggregation saves time and money by eliminating potential human error and allows staff to be re-allocated improving productivity. Optimize costs with the help of Aranet!


    Aranet Product Types

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