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Winncom Fraud Alert

May 23, 2012

Dear Partner,

It has come to our attention that Winncom Technologies has become the victim of a sophisticated identity theft scam. We are hereby notifying you of this situation in an effort to protect both your assets and Winncom's reputation.

An unauthorized entity has been exploiting several of our employees' email addresses in an attempt to appear that these emails are coming from a legitimate source. They are using the employees' names and the domain name, (please take note of the extra "m" at the end), in an effort to deceive our vendors and purchase merchandise unlawfully. We are taking steps to seek the cancellation of the domain name through established domain name dispute resolution proceedings. Please be aware that even if this process is successful, it takes time.

Please take note, implement additional checks, and immediately notify us if you notice any suspected fraudulent behaviors or unusual activities. You can always phone us directly if you have any questions or suspicions.

Winncom Technologies is committed to providing the highest level of security to protect ourselves, our vendors, and our partners. In addition to notifying all proper authorities of the problem and implementing steps to shut down the confusing domain name, we have also implemented several new security checks in order to safeguard against this or other identity theft scams.

Please be assured that we are working diligently to resolve any issues that have arisen and are taking all available steps to protect both our assets and yours. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact us at 1-440-498-9510 or 1-888-946-6266. Thank you for your attention on this matter.


The Winncom Team

(440) 498-9510
(888) 946-6266