Financiamiento y arrendamiento de equipos

Transforma tu negocio con el poder de la financiación

We’ve partnered with LEAF to give you a faster, easier and more flexible way to put Winncom Technologies solutions to work in your business.

¿Crees que el financiamiento es solo otra forma de pagar por equipos y software? Únete a las empresas de todo el país y aprovecha el verdadero poder de la financiación con LEAF. LEAF es la forma más rápida, fácil y flexible de obtener el equipo y el software que su empresa necesita para mantenerse ágil, competir y crecer.

¿Por qué LEAF es la mejor alternativa para proveer a tu negocio?:

LEAF Commercial Capital
  • 100% Financing
    LEAF enables you to finance 100% of the equipment cost. You can also include other costs such as taxes, delivery and installation charges. Also, unlike a bank loan, there is no deposit.
  • No Drain on Cash
    Financing equipment and software frees up working capital for other critical needs so you won't need to tie up precious cash.
  • Upgrade Equipment
    Financing allows you to upgrade your equipment and software when new technology becomes available, not when it becomes obsolete.
  • Preserve Credit Lines
    Our financing has no effect on existing credit lines, so they remain ready whenever you need them.
  • Exceptional Payment Flexibility
    Financing can be tailored to the specific financial needs of your business. Payments can be structured to meet cash flow fluctuations and there are many end-of-term options to choose from. Other forms of financing are much more rigid.
  • Eliminate Equipment Disposal Challenges
    We will manage the disposition of your equipment at the end of the term.

Please contact our financing provider, LEAF Commercial Capital, for deatils:
Steven G. Clyne
LEAF Business Development Officer
Phone: (917) 406 4161

About LEAF

Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc. is one of the nation’s largest independent financing companies, with over $5.5 billion financed and more than 233,000 customers. When businesses need technology, LEAF gives them a faster, easier and more flexible way to put it to work. For more on financing the technology that makes a business work, visit

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