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Wavion: Metro Zone Wi-Fi for Cellular Data Offloading

The explosion of smartphones, 3G dongles and 3G capable laptops coupled with the growing demand for bandwidth hungry, real-time video and data applications have spiked the data traffic on mobile networks across the world. The increase in smartphone usage and the subsequent explosion of data traffic on cellular networks has caused an immediate need for carriers to offload the data traffic from their cellular networks, so that both voice and data services perform optimally. Due to the built-in Wi-Fi capabilities of millions of smartphones and other devices on the market, Wi-Fi emerged as a natural technology solution for operators struggling to adapt to the surge towards mobile internet services. Operators are rapidly increasing the use of Wi-Fi as a key dataoffloading strategy.

Wavion's solution for metro cellular data offloading includes a line of products designed for providing optimal carrier grade outdoor Wi-Fi coverage. It is complemented by built-in networking features and optional hardware appliances and software applications that are easily integrated with operators' networks, supporting diverse service and customer management options. Leveraging its' unique adaptive beamforming and SDMA technologies, Wavion offers best-of-breed Wi-Fi base stations presenting an exceptionally effective offloading solution for metro zones and other challenging environments with a large concentration of users. Wavion's solution allows operators to use the same customer and service management systems for both 3G and Wi-Fi networks, while offering customers the best user experience with seamless handover and automatic fallback to cellular network once Wi-Fi is not available.

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