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BridgeWave: The cost and performance benefits of 80 GHz links compared to short-haul 18-38 GHz products

As service providers and private network operators seek cost effective solutions to high capacity connectivity, wireless systems are ideal because of their flexibility, speed of deployment, and lower overall life-cycle costs compared to leased-line services. Long distance links require the use of lower licensed frequencies, e.g. 6 or 11 GHz, while short-haul links in the 18 to 38 GHz range can provide highly available services with transmission rates approaching 400 Mbps in a single RF channel. The 80 GHz frequency band offers highly reliable, multi-gigabit transmission at a comparable cost to 18-38 GHz alternatives. This paper discusses the choices when considering licensed band links for short-haul applications, and the performance and cost benefits provided by 80 GHz gigabit wireless systems.

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