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BridgeWave: Gigabit Wireless Security

Public perceptions of wireless security have, to a large extent, grown out of experiences with early wireless LAN technologies that were notorious for being easy to intercept and/or jam with interference. Gigabit point-to-point wireless links stand in sharp contrast to these early products, not just in terms of their massive bandwidth they provide, but also in terms of the high degree of data security they offer. BridgeWave Gigabit and Fast Ethernet wireless links offer unprecedented levels of data security, not just in comparison to other wireless products but even in comparison to their "wired" counterparts. BridgeWave links offer physical layer security that exceeds fiber optic cabling and layers on top of this both state-of-the-art secure network management and the strongest data encryption technology available on the market. In a world where network organizations are expected to take every reasonable step to ensure the security of sensitive employee, customer and organization information, BridgeWave's advanced security solutions provide confidence and peace of mind.

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