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BridgeWave: Choosing the Right Gigabit Wireless Link: 60GHz and 80GHz

60GHz and 80GHz (E-Band 71-86GHz) wireless links have clearly emerged as the preferred solutions to extend gigabit networks between sites or to connect sites into fiber optic network backbones. No other wireless products offer their unique combination of capacity, reach, availability, security and value. Still, within this category there are several product options to choose from. BridgeWave offers the broadest family of gigabit wireless products, both at 60GHz and in the 80GHz, to address a wide range of applications.

The first application decision to be made is usually to choose between 60GHz license-free links and 80GHz lightly-licensed links. 60GHz links offer the best value on the market for customers who prefer license-free operation and require link distances that are generally less than one mile. 80GHz links, on the other hand, can support applications beyond a mile and offer an alternative for customers who prefer licensed-band operation. Both 60GHz and 80GHz links are easy to install, highly immune to interference, offer up to 99.999% availability, and provide highly secure wireless connections.

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