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RADWIN: TDM Backhaul Over Unlicensed Bands

Backhaul of TDM trunks is one of the major challenges encountered by carriers, mainly in terms of OPEX and CAPEX. Traditionally, operators chose either wire-line or licensed band wireless (Microwave) solutions as the typical way to go.

To meet the growing demand for bandwidth while minimizing costs, carriers are continually seeking new methods for backhauling. Obviously, using Microwave radio links in unlicensed bands for backhaul might have significant advantages with respect to the OPEX and CAPEX requirements. These advantages may include ease of installation, low maintenance, excellent radio propagation and cost effective prices.

Any viable solution intended to realize these benefits must address the major challenge of operating in unlicensed bands: overcoming un-expected interference. Meeting this challenge requires a robust wireless system with built-in mechanisms capable of addressing the interference issue. This is especially important when transmitting TDM traffic, since TDM is relatively intolerant of network performance degaradation.

RADWIN has become the leader in native TDM wireless solutions for the unlicensed bands, primarily due to its proprietary algorithms dealing with unlicensed band "clutter".

This document describes the challenges of delivering carrier grade TDM backhaul over the unlicensed bands, along with the methods chosen by RADWIN to meet them.

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