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Alvarion: Leveraging 802.16e WiMAX(tm) Technology in License-Exempt Bands

License-exempt spectrum bands make it possible for operators who do not have access to licensed spectrum to deploy wireless broadband networks. Traditionally vendors have developed specific solutions for license-exempt operators, often based on proprietary technology that limits the flexibility and upgradability of their networks.

With Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.16e WiMAX, license-exempt operators have access to the most advanced wireless broadband technology on the market today and can take advantage of the same performance, ecosystem, and volume of scale that incumbent, nationwide wireless operators with licensed-spectrum can.

While often positioned as a mobile broadband technology that operates in licensed bands, 802.16e WiMAX can also support fixed and nomadic services, and vertical applications in a range of frequencies up to 6 GHz, including license-exempt bands such as the 5.x GHz band and, in the US, the lightly licensed 3.65 GHz band.

As 802.16e WiMAX products for license-exempt bands are introduced in the market, operators need to know what the value proposition of using 802.16e WiMAX compared to alternative solutions is. How do they stand to gain from a technology that was developed to support mobility? Do they need the extra features that 802.16e WiMAX offers? This paper addresses these questions by looking at operators’ requirements and how 802.16e WiMAX meets them.

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