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Alvarion: Muni-Wireless and the Safe City

Large-scale metro area networks are becoming an increasingly important tool in providing public services and ensuring public safety and security. Ubiquitous broadband networks have not only proven to be an effective way to support the growing data, voice and video communications needs throughout an entire metropolitan area; they have become a critical element enabling the prevention of crime and rapid first response.

Responsible government agencies and municipalities are leveraging the power of broadband connectivity to embrace the safe city approach, with centralized emergency response and management in the face of threats, attack, natural disasters, crime or industrial-scale accidents. Simply put, effective communications is the cornerstone of effective municipal management and crucial in saving lives and mitigating damage.

Safe city projects are municipal-level network deployments whose specific goal is to enhance civilian safety. Once this network is deployed, the municipality can enjoy the added value of utilizing it to drive economic development, increase educational excellence, attract business investment, provide municipal services and ultimately improve quality of life for residents. Moreover, the same muni-wireless networks that are ideal for safe city deployments, offer compelling revenue-generating opportunities, such as traffic control, transportation security, automatic meter reading, e-services for citizens and more.

Broadband wireless networking facilitates the deployment of municipal wireless networks and enables them to work more effectively. Wireless networking technologies are more scalable and flexible, overcoming the limitations of wired broadband in large areas.

This white paper will review the challenges and advances of muni-wireless networks, provide an overview of the technological needs, and demonstrate how they can be leveraged to build safe cities.

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