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Firetide: Designing and Deploying a Firetide Mesh Network

Designing and Deploying a Firetide Mesh Network: Planning and Installing your Wireless Mesh

This Technical Note provides an overview of the steps you should take when planning and deploying a Firetide Wireless Mesh. It covers RF issues and Site Surveys; it is not an exhaustive treatment of all possible installation scenarios.

Simply put, a wireless mesh network extends the capabilities of an existing data network using radio technology. Today, Ethernet is by far the most widely-deployed data networking technology, so it's desirable to develop wireless mesh technology that builds on Ethernet.

The heart of modern wired-Ethernet networks is an Ethernet switch. Each and every user on the network is plugged into one connector on the switch. Switches are ganged together to support large numbers of users; indeed, it's possible to build an Ethernet switch with tens of thousands of connections.

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