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Siklu: Hybrid Fiber-Wireless Networks: The Pathway to Competitive Advantage

Hybrid Fiber-Wireless Networks: The Pathway to Competitive Advantage

The last 1,000 feet of a gigabit-to-the-home (GTTH) deployment is normally the most expensive and time consuming of any overall gigabit network rollout. Providers spend a lot of time determining how connect the main networks to consumers in the fastest and most cost effective way possible, while still delivering on their promise of speed and reliability. Though attractive, all-fiber access networks or a combination of deep fiber and twisted pair are still expensive alternatives for delivering gigabit access to many consumers. Millimeter wave technology will allow the deployment of less expensive, hybrid fiber-wireless (HFW) access networks to provide a compelling alternative to purely fiber solutions.

The business case for last mile deployments in urban or sub-urban areas – where there is a high percentage of multiple dwelling unit buildings (MDUs) - is a challenge for providers. The time and cost to market in these areas puts providers’ gigabit expansion plans at risk.

A Hybrid Fiber-Wireless (HFW) strategy solves the two problems associated with last mile deployment: cost and time to deployment, while providing the bandwidth and reliability consumers demand.

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