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Proxim: The Advantage of Video Security via Wireless

The Proxim Advantage of Video Security via Wireless

Over the years there have been two distinct trends that have combined to boost the video surveillance or monitoring market evermore into the forefront of discussions. The first has been the rise in terrorism, vandalism, refugee populations crossing borders and additional global turmoil. The second trend has been the advancement in video camera technology from analog NTSC or PAL standard definition video formats to IP based cameras supporting full frame rate (30fps) 1080p HD video, the technology behind video security has progressed significantly in the last 10 years.

With these new resolutions has come advanced technology, functions that were not possible before or were only available off of a server in the central monitoring station are now done routinely, often in the cameras themselves. This refers to features such as facial recognition, automatic license plate readers, automatic red light cameras and more. What all these new smart, HD video cameras need is connectivity.

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