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Transtector: AC Surge Protection

Evaluation of the Series Element (Two-Port) Surge Protective Device on the AC Power Lines for Protection of Electronic Equipment and Systems

In the 1980's a number of surge protective device manufacturers found that to effectively protect the technology of solid-state circuitry from surge voltages, they had to make a change. Gas tubes did not adequately protect because of their slow response and high-voltage turn-on. MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) suppressors were not a strong option either because of their degradation characteristics. The combination of MOV and gas tubes in a circuit, however, appeared to be an option to replace single device technologies. This combination circuit (Figure 1) was comprised of a suppressor S1 on the AC input and a series impedance (resistance or inductance) followed by a suppressor S2 on the load side. Termed a Series Element Surge Protective Device (SESPD), the circuit is also known as a hybrid and as a two-port surge protective device.

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