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Xirrus: Application Control at the Wireless Edge

Application Control at the Wireless Edge

BYOD and cloud-based services are driving monumental changes in IT everywhere - they are no longer in control of what is running on their networks. The ability to provide a level of visibility and control over what is happening in the Wild Wild West of BYOD is mandatory for IT managers to do their jobs. The goal must be to ensure business-critical applications operate properly on the network and that in the least, there is an acceptable user experience for everything else. Wireless networks are quickly replacing wired networks - most BYOD devices have no wired Ethernet port. So there is no longer a choice in providing an acceptable wireless solution.

Moving the network intelligence out to the edge of the network, Xirrus Application Control represents the new paradigm for wireless infrastructure design. More akin to wired switch architectures than traditional wireless solutions, the distributed architecture of the Xirrus Array enables high performance network services such as Application Control to operate directly at the network edge, resulting in a scalable and resilient network that ultimately produces a better user experience.

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