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GoNet Systems: 3G Offload to Wi-Fi The Road to Success

3G Offload to Wi-Fi The Road to Success

3G offload solutions are mandatory in order to manage the massive data consumption of smartphones, tablet PC and other mobile devices. A new breed of Wi-Fi technology optimized to work in conjunction with 3G networks, coupled with emerging standards from the 3GPP present a powerful proposition for alleviating the congestion and growing the operators business.

The problem of congestion in 3G networks due to heavy data utilizations has only begun. According to Cisco VNI Mobile, 2010 data usage is predicted to increase exponentially over the next 4 years reaching an incredible 3,600,000 TB by 2014.

Already, subscribers in densely populated cities are experiencing dropped calls due to the 3G network congestion. This situation forced operators such as AT&T and Sprint to halt new subscriber additions on their networks while devising a solution. With the global increase of data usage, networks around the world will clog up.

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