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Extricom: 802.11ac and the Channel Blanket

Why 802.11ac is a perfect match for the Channel Blanket but will be a very difficult challenge for microcell WLAN's

802.11ac is the newest Wireless LAN standard. Due to be released in commercial products during 2013, 802.11ac promises to provide much higher single-user throughput than 802.11n.

However, in an enterprise WLAN environment single-user throughput is not the primary concern. Rather, it is the ability to provide system-wide throughput in an environment where many users are competing for bandwidth. In such an environment, 802.11ac does not automatically provide performance gains, since its performance is highly sensitive to the underlying WLAN architecture.

In fact, 802.11ac on its own is a poor match for the traditional microcell architecture used by most enterprise WLAN players. When deployed on this architecture, wireless users and IT managers will not be able to benefit from the capabilities of the new 802.11ac standard.

This paper demonstrates how this can be amended with Extricom's Channel Blanket, which offers to maximize the potential of 802.11ac.

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