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Extricom: Delivering Reliable Wi-Fi in Large Public Venues

Delivering Reliable Wi-Fi in Large Public Venues

Delivering wireless Internet in densely populated public venues such as arenas and open air stadiums is no easy technological feat. With cellular networks unable to provide reliable wireless service to thousands of people, all connecting at once, the solution is sought after in Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11) networks.

The demand for wireless connectivity in arenas and stadiums is driven by two factors. The first is the untapped revenue potential in mobile applications, which can be used to drive food and beverage sales, enrich spectators' experience and display highly-targeted advertising. The second driver is spectators' expectations for connectivity and bandwidth at all times.

However, delivering wireless connectivity to 20,000 spectators in a basketball arena, let alone 100,000 fans in an open-air stadium, is not a trivial task. Wireless LAN (WLAN) networks were never designed to support and regulate such a huge number of mobile clients over a limited number of RF channels.

Extricom's dedicated large public venues solution resolves the technical obstacles, building on years of expertise delivering Wi-Fi in the most challenging environments. Built on top our patented Channel Blanket(tm) technology, our solution provides an interference-free WLAN with wire-like reliability, which eliminates the need for complex cell planning and offers a simple deployment.

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