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Extricom: 802.11n for Enterprise Wireless LANs

802.11n for Enterprise Wireless LANs

The 802.11 standard that started as single access point solution ("hot spot"), dramatically evolved, reaching speeds higher then wired Ethernet and providing infrastructure for crowded enterprise sites and organizations. With the ratification of the 802.11n standard, new technologies are used to increase performance, capacity, and coverage. On the client side, laptops, smart phones and other devices are available to be used in a variety of applications.

While enterprises are seeking more performance, the underlying fundamentals of wireless LAN (WLAN) have remained the same. This paper will review what additions to the standard are included in 802.11n, along with the challenges of implementing it in a real-world environment.

While deployment of WLAN in a home-like environment for a single AP or even a few APs may be straightforward, an enterprise deployment with a large AP count, dense client population, critical applications requirements and client roaming can become problematic. It can even reach the point that the wireless infrastructure "melts down" and can no longer effectively support the goals of the enterprise.

The situation is further complicated by the mixture of client types, each one with different algorithms for roaming and power save, the lack of available spectrum channels, single and aggregated client throughput requirements, dynamic coverage patterns formed by multi path beams, and more. Given the complexities of the picture, it's no surprise that enterprises have looked for alternatives to conventional WLAN architectures.

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