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Redline: Security in Broadband Wireless Networks

Security in Broadband Wireless Networks

Broadband wireless is an essential part of building out and extending network coverage to all users and applications resulting in the need for increased network security. This paper provides an overview of security threats to broadband wireless networks, describes various counter measures, and how a well-designed system can significantly improve security with minimal burden or overhead on network performance.

Broadband wireless has proven to be reliable, cost effective, and quick to deploy for mission critical applications and services. Wireless systems are now an essential component of backbone networks for larger private enterprises, and for network build-out and extension for companies in a broad range of sectors including the oil & gas industry, telecom and data service providers, military and government networks, and law enforcement security networks. In many of these deployments, broadband wireless connectivity is superior to wired or fiber based solutions in terms of performance, cost, and serviceability. Additionally broadband wireless systems are the only practical solution in many parts of the world where there are no alternative means of connectivity.

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