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Proxim: Unwiring Backhaul - Demystifying Wireless Backhaul

Unwiring Backhaul - Demystifying Wireless Backhaul

Organizations such as ISPs, carriers, medical facilities, and others that extend across multiple, geographically dispersed locations demand secure, scalable, and cost-effective interconnected networks. A wireless network solution is often the "best-fit" for these applications.

Wireless has many benefits. To list down a few:
- Secure: Contrary to popular belief, today'Ђ™s wireless communications utilize several advanced encryption algorithms that ensure secure information exchange.
- Scalable: Modern, sophisticated wireless devices are designed to quickly and easily expand to new locations.
- Cost-efficient: By avoiding the capital expense of laying fiber and the operational expense of maintaining it, wireless communications proves to be far more cost-effective.
- Reliable: The latest wireless solutions are extremely reliable and provide uptime / availability of 99.99% and more.
- High Performance: With the advent of latest technologies, wireless solutions can provide throughput in excess of 4G speeds.

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