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Ceragon: Ethernet Microwave Technology Choices for Lower OPEX

Deploying Mobile Backhaul: Ethernet Microwave Technology Choices for Lower OPEX

Microwave is the preferred backhaul technology by most of the world's mobile operators. Outside of the U.S.A., nearly 70% of all backhaul traffic travels over microwave links. Microwave is instant, reliable and relatively low-cost. Operators can lease spectrum and deliver several E1/T1s or even STM-1/OC-3s services over the air. But now that data services become more popular, clogging up the backhaul network, service providers turn to look for higher capacities that also offer lower cost per bit.

New Ethernet Microwave delivers the promise of higher capacity at a lower cost. By applying a set of techniques from compression to Adaptive Coding & Modulation, and by mapping Ethernet directly over the radio with no overheads, extremely high utilization can be achieved.

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