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Ceragon: Enabling Rural Broadband Services with Wireless Backhaul

Enabling Rural Broadband Services with Wireless Backhaul

Rural Broadband has recently become one of the most discussed topics in the telecommunications market. Almost overlooked by the broadband revolution until recently, rural markets are now becoming more attractive thanks to a host of national incentive plans. Perhaps the most publicized of these plans in the Obama administration led 7.2B USD Stimulus Fund that pledges to support broadband services for rural communities, but other governments are also pushing forward broadband initiatives, such as Australia's government for instance declared a 43B AUD (32B USD) fiber to the premise project in April 2009.

Setting up a network in and to rural areas has its challenges. Having to haul traffic over long distances, operators often find it hard to justify network setup cost when reaching remote communities with low population density. Moreover, these networks sometimes have to bridge over geographical barriers such as mountains, forests, lakes, swamps or deserts a fact that drives up deployment costs for traditional wired (fiber/copper) solutions.

Today, however, wireless solutions such as highcapacity point-to-point microwave, help to simplify deployments while driving down set up and maintenance costs. Allowing for quick installation and fast time to market, these solutions are changing the entire Rural Broadband business case. And together with government funding plans, they help make Rural Broadband an attractive investment for both competitive as well as established carriers.

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