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Firetide: Deploying Wireless Access for Municipalities

Deploying Wireless Access for Municipalities

This document describes the Firetide system and its application in municipal wireless access deployments. It explains backhaul design as well as edge design. The emphasis is on outdoor WiFi access. Issues of sharing infrastructure between general-purpose access and public safety access are addressed.

A municipal wireless deployment requires Wi-Fi access points, of course, but it requires more than this if it is to be successful. A complete deployment needs an effective backhaul system that can support the access point density required, and it needs service delivery methods that can manage customers and network demand in a way that meets all service commitments.

Because the backhaul is a critical component on which all other service delivery depends, it’s best to begin an analysis by looking at how backhaul techniques can connect to the primary Internet point of presence (POP).

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