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Proxim: High Performance Wireless Backhaul for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Each day, millions of people depend on their public transportation systems and roadways. With ever increasing populations and the rise in mobility that comes with it, nations around the world are facing a serious land transportation challenge. The rapid urbanization and shifts in population density coupled with limited road system capabilities has resulted in constantly increasing commute times, fuel consumption and air pollution thereby reducing the efficiency of the transportation infrastructure. These inefficiencies are also seen to be having grave environmental, social and economic consequences.

In light of the potentially crippling problems due to traffic congestion, every nation wants a transportation system that is economically efficient, safe and environmentally sound while moving people and goods in an energy efficient manner. Building new road infrastructure as a solution to meet transportation demand is prohibitively expensive, and in many cases building additional roads or adding new lanes in highly congested urban areas is now physically impossible.

This scenario offers a real challenge of adding vehicular capacity without adding road infrastructure while reducing transportation times, fuel consumption, vehicle wear and improving safety. Adding intelligence to today's transportation systems to better manage these factors that are always at odds with each other is a critical need worldwide.

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