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"The Wilds" Safari Park in OH, US Deploys RADWIN's Wireless Mobility Network Across 9,000-acre park


RADWIN's FiberinMotion® mobility solution delivers high-capacity connectivity enabling real-time animal diagnosis and treatment & enhancing visitors' experience

RADWIN ( was chosen by THE WILDS Safari Park & Conservation Center in Cumberland, Ohio, U.S. - home to rare and endangered species from around the globe. RADWIN D+ point-to-point and FiberinMotion® mobility solutions were deployed across the 9,000-acre safari park to provide wireless connectivity to THE WILD's operational vehicles and tour buses. Agile Networks was in charge of network build-up; Winncom Technologies is the distributor.

Dr. Jan Ramer, Director of Conservation Medicine, THE WILDS: "There was almost non-existent coverage in the park before we deployed RADWIN, so we had to rely on two-way radios and a plodding internet connection in the offices. If staff treating animals in the field wanted to consult with offsite experts they would have to take a picture, download the picture, make it smaller, email it, wait for something to come back. An ineffective, time-consuming process. Following the launch of the RADWIN-based wireless mobility network we can send real-time video of the animals in the field to off-site consultants who can give us their expert advice. We've also managed to enhance the visitors' experience; now that there's high-speed connectivity on the open tour buses, visitors can share their experiences in real-time and post updates on their social media accounts."

Kyle Quillen, CTO, Agile Networks: "With RADWIN we were able to establish a robust wireless network providing 150 Mbps capacity to cover such a wide area. RADWIN's FiberinMotion® mobility solution essentially light-ups an entire area with connectivity for mobile and Wi-Fi devices as well as mobile payment systems - and really enhances a lot of the different operations at THE WILDS."

Dennis Stipati, GM, RADWIN US: "We are proud to take part of a project that enables animals to live in open range natural habitats. With the RADWIN FiberinMotion® mobility solution and PtMP and PtP equipment, enterprises and organizations across all verticals can establish communications when and where they need it in the fastest, most cost-effective way."

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