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3G Data Offload to Wi-Fi in Urban Centers is Good for Business in Japan with GoNet Systems

GoNet Systems

Asia is leading the world in the adoption of cellular data services with Japan taking a leading role. As a result, all Japan's tier one cellular operators are facing severe problems of 3G data congestion in urban centers.

3G data congestion adversely affect the user experience with low surfing rates, interrupted media streaming and even disconnected calls. As one of the most advanced global cellular markets, Japan is facing heavy data congestion.

GoNet Systems was selected following an extensive series of performance trials. In the trials, the system was able to deliver full speed FTP download to a smart phone located 1.5 Km from the MBW based station.
The initial project includes large scale deployment of MBW Wi-Fi base stations and provides coverage to stadiums, convention centers and central urban locations.

The cellular operator was able to overcome data congestion in the city centers and deliver high speed data services to its users. With the deployment of a high capacity data network, the operator is looking to deploy additional, advanced services. Over the next 3 years, we expect similar deployments in city centers around the world. The smart antenna beamforming technology makes Wi-Fi a viable solution to combat the increasing 3G data congestion.

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