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GoNet Systems Wi-Fi Helps Bridge the Digital Divide in Acre, Brazil

GoNet Systems

Acre state is located in the west side of Brazil, covered by the Amazon forest. Most of state's cities were built by river banks, which are the main form of transportation. In fact, during the wet seasons, cities may become completely isolated.

As the first state-wide Wi-Fi installation, Acre wanted to address the needs of businesses, schools, government facilities and the general population. This mandated a solution that was both suitable for a large scale deployment and highly costeffective.

GoNet Systems' solution was selected after a thorough selection process. The extended coverage provided by the MBW base stations with the xRF Smart Antenna technology drastically reduced the number of units required to provide coverage for the entire population.

"The communication infrastructure that we created with GoNet equipment is a big step towards bridging the digital divide and bringing Acre State into the modern world" said Acre State's wireless IT manager “this network is at the heart of our business and education progress"
The Acre State project serves as a role model for the successful deployment of a large WiFi network in tough environmental and economical conditions. After witnessing the benefits to the population, additional governments and municipalities in Brazil and neighboring countries are looking to implement similar solutions.

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