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Solis Energy Smart Grid for Gas & Electric Company

Solis Energy

Smart Grid for Gas & Electric Company
The largest electric utility in the state, this 100 year old gas and electric company serves approximately 754,000 customers in two states and a number of wholesale customers throughout the region. With nine power plants capable of producing about 6,100 megawatts, it generates about 70% of its electricity from low-sulfur coal and 30 percent from natural gas. The company delivers all of its electricity across an interconnected transmission and distribution system spanning 30,000 square miles.
The company is seeking to improve the efficiency of its energy infrastructure in several key ways. First, to provide reliable electric service at a reasonable cost. Second, to avoid building any fossil fuel-fired power stations before the year 2020. Lastly, to inform customers when they are reaching a peak and allow them to trim their demand and shift the power load to an off-peak period, allowing customers to obtain the most affordable and reliable electric power for their needs.

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