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Solis Energy Reliable Water Management Security

Solis Energy

Reliable Water Management Security
This regional water management district is leading one of the largest environmental projects in the nation's history. A critical part of this massive effort involves the use of retention ponds to capture, control and provide water, on demand, between various areas for water supply and flood protection. The Field Station overseas a total water conveyance system made up of canals, levees, water control structures, and navigation locks. The situation at hand involves the industrial pumping system that quickly moves large amounts of water to and from retention ponds and waterways. Since these enormous pumps are turned on and off "blindly" from remote switching locations, there is always the danger of harming anything immediately in front of the valve opening. This includes both animals - who have built their homes on or around the valves - and people, such as naturists or teenagers who happen to be in the area without permission.

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