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Seattle's Chinatown is safe and secure using the new Cambium Networks ePMP

Cambium Networks

Seattle's Chinatown is safe and secure using the new ePMP

The busy Chinatown International District is the center of Seattle's Asian American community. This is where Asian Americans from Asia live and work together. It is collectively called a BIA (Business Improvement Area), providing a mechanism for businesses and property owners to obtain improvements for their district. Maintaining a flourishing business environment and fostering social relationships is vitally important for the development of this international neighborhood.
The previously implemented wireless mesh surveillance system connected nine cameras over a six square block area to maintain safety. This system was inefficient and unreliable causing information loss, and was difficult to support. Cascade Networks decided to find a better solution that would be easier to maintain and expand going forward, serving this booming multicultural community.

Cascade Networks, which successfully provided wireless business and residential services in the state of Washington and Oregon for many years, selected the ePMP solution from Cambium Networks. This solution was a better fit for their needs because it delivered the resiliency and configuration flexibility. It helped to preserve public safety and provide conditions for further business expansion. The new architecture was deployed within several hours and all radios were configured for an integrated PMP-PTP solution.

The ePMP solution from Cambium Networks established a reliable and cost-effective video surveillance service in the busy Chinatown International District. Finally, the community got the safety reassurance it needed and the ability to look forward towards new levels of economicgrowth.

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