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Sands Expo and Convention Center chooses Extricom


Sands Expo and Convention Center: "Welcome to the Greatest Stage on Earth!"

"Truth is, that since we installed Extricom's wireless LAN system in-house, I don't even think about our Wi-Fi any more - it just works!'', Justin Herrman, IT Manager, Sands Expo and Convention Center.
Imagine that you're in the heart of Las Vegas, somewhere between the mountain's highest peaks and the desert warmest winds that the State of Nevada is famous for. You're in one of the world's most exciting destinations for conventions, nuptials, vacations, gambling, parties, and simple relaxation. There is such a diverse selection of things to see and do, that it's easy to get caught up in the magic of those neon lights.

The Sands needed a reliable Wi-Fi network they could depend on, 24/7. Since down time was not an option, they knew they needed a strong and efficient system to complement their wireless network already in place. A new system would have to support 2.2 million square feet of flexible exhibition and meeting space, including the main Sands Expo floor, adjacent meeting rooms and common areas at the Palazzo and Venetian hotels. This was quite the challenge!

After surveying their options, The Sands' IT closed with SignalShare, who set up a complementary, hybrid network alongside The Sands' existing WLAN. With its proven performance in the field, they installed Extricom's Channel Blanket(tm) technology that was quick to deliver a working network with instant availability, low total access point count, and seamless wireless communication.

With Extricom supporting the current infrastructure, the Sands show floor and adjacent spaces were sufficiently covered with uninterrupted, high-quality Internet connectivity. Extricom, working in parallel to the existing network, was an immediate success, resulting in 100,000 clients enjoying quality Internet access simultaneously.

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