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Cities and states across Mexico are dramatically improving public safety and security with Redline's innovative broadband wireless communications

Redline Communications

City of Morelia, State of Michoacan
The City of Morelia is the capital of the State of Michoacan and is located in the north central part of the State in central Mexico. Built in the 16th century the City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its well-preserved historic buildings.
To protect both the historical monuments and the residents and tourists, City officials decided to build a wireless video surveillance network.

Redline's powerful AN-80i radio platform was chosen for the project because of its proven capacity and reliability for wireless video surveillance. Cameras were successfully installed and wirelessly connected throughout the city for the first phase of the project.

The State of Michoacan also installed Redline's RDL-5000 radio platform in the 7 GHz band throughout several municipalities to enable high-speed backhaul. With this network, the authorities are empowered to perform special operations in case of contingencies.

City of San Pedro Garza Garcia
The contemporary City of San Pedro Garza Garcia is one of the most affluent cities in Mexico.

City officials are committed to keeping the City safe and work closely with highly trained police to do so. To further enhance public safety, they wanted to install a wireless video surveillance network that would provide both the capacity and flexibility to grow over time.
Redline's versatile AN-80i radio platform was chosen for the project because it gives the City the performance and capacity needed for advanced applications such as plate recognition and analytics to enable deep research into crime. The option of adding additional radios or enhancing the performance of existing radios through software upgrades gives the City the flexibility needed to easily grow their network.

To date, cameras have been successfully wirelessly connected and the City plans to install many more cameras over the next three years. Crime levels have decreased to almost zero with the help of Redline's network giving their police eyes on the street.

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