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BridgeWave's Fast Ethernet Wireless Solutions Enable Temporary Internet Access During Production of Marvel's Avengers Movie

BridgeWave Communications

FE60U Provides 100 Mbps Network Connection for Temporary Location Shoot

SANTA CLARA, CA, Jun 06, 2012 - BridgeWave Communications, the leading supplier of 4G millimeter wave backhaul solutions, today announced that NetX Internet, LLC (NetX) deployed BridgeWave's Fast Ethernet 60 GHz solutions enabling temporary Internet access during location filming of Marvel's Avengers movie. The wireless links provided the backhaul connection for large digital media files, VoIP, and other business services from a temporary on-site production facility to post-production offices in New York and New Mexico via NetX's WiMAX network.

One of the challenges for a production crew filming on location is establishing temporary network communications that is reliable, affordable, and has the capacity to transmit large digital media files. Marvel's production team needed to set up a temporary production facility to film portions of the Avengers movie in the Cleveland, OH, area. NetX, a local wireless internet service provider, received the call to help establish network communications for the few months that filming took place.

Ron Deus, CEO at NetX, knew that in order to meet Marvel's network requirements he needed a reliable solution that was quick to deploy, capable of transmitting large digital media files, and stayed within the project budget. Leasing fiber was an impractical option due to the high cost and inability to access fiber for temporary use. For this temporary application, wireless networking was the only option. "BridgeWave's wireless solutions provide reliable 'fiber-like' performance, meeting the networking needs of Marvel's production team," said Ron Deus, CEO, NetX.

Ron opted to use BridgeWave's wireless FE60U to backhaul the hi-res digital media footage from the temporary on-site editing and visual effects facility to the post-production offices in New York and New Mexico for final editing and composite. The link also provided Internet access and VoIP to the film and production crew, making it possible for production teams to stay in constant contact during the filming process.

The FE60U offers a full-rate, full-duplex 100 Mbps Ethernet connection, upgradeable to gigabit Ethernet with AdaptRate(TM) functionality via a software key. In using license-free spectrum (57-64 GHz), NetX avoided the costly and timely licensing process and deployed the temporary network in a matter of days. "Once the contract for service was signed and all the cabling was in place, we were able to get Marvel's production team up in running in less than 72 hours," stated Deus.

"We are thrilled that BridgeWave's 60 GHz links played a role in providing the temporary communications component for the Avengers movie," said Amir Makleff, president and CEO of BridgeWave Communications. "As NetX successfully demonstrated, our wireless solutions are a perfect fit for providing temporary, reliable, high-speed network communications."

About NetX Internet
NetX Internet is a leading wireless internet service provider. Currently NetX offers service to the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. NetX offers a host of business class services that include high-speed data, voice over IP, VPN and other managed services over its own all IP network to businesses, non-profits, educational and government customers. Customers can choose from a variety of symmetrical bandwidth service options with speeds up to 2 Gbps.

About BridgeWave Communications
BridgeWave Communications is the leading supplier of high-capacity 4G millimeter wave backhaul and gigabit wireless connectivity solutions. BridgeWave's carrier-grade, point-to-point wireless FlexPort(R) links provide a future-proof mobile backhaul solution for carriers and mobile operators looking to support 4G/LTE/WiMAX adoption. PicoHaul(TM) links provide the same carrier-grade high-capacity, small-cell backhaul for dense cell deployments. The company's 60 GHz and 80 GHz links offer up to ten times the bandwidth of lower-frequency license-free and licensed-band wireless links, while providing superior interference immunity and data security. Founded in 1999, BridgeWave is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. For more information, visit