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Wireless Video Monitoring for Public Safety with Cambium Networks and ezWireless

Cambium Networks

"The Cambium Networks 4.9 GHz Point-to-Multipoint solution exceeded our expectations. It performed flawlessly in providing high-speed video and data feeds of a day-long U.S. Army- and FEMA-managed HAZMAT decontamination drill."
Brad Kincaid, Vice President and General Manager, ezWireless

ezWireless, an experienced systems integrator in Portland, Oregon has been helping CSEPP use high-speed wireless communications to coordinate response among the various federal, state and local jurisdictions involved in the program.
In April, 2009, CSEPP provided an excellent field testing opportunity with a large-scale decontamination emergency drill held in Hermiston, Oregon. The trial scenario included a federal military exercise testing emergency response to a chemical stockpile incident. The purpose of the drill was to test and evaluate civilian behavior in a simulated leak of poison chemical gas in a populous area.

"We decided to demonstrate the new PMP 49400 equipment at the DECON drill," states Kincaid, "and we were able to work with the Hermiston Police Department to utilize its 4.9 GHz network." ezWireless installed an access point on a nearby tower, attached a 4.9 GHz subscriber module to a "Broadband Incident Response" trailer, and ran a simple, but very successful test providing live, real-time video over the link.

"When we installed the Access Point (AP)," says Kincaid, "the field engineer drove to the location with the Subscriber Module (SM) sitting face down on the seat beside him, and it automatically detected the AP and connected. That was a confidence builder." The system surprised the company in other ways, too. "Because we were getting power from our truck, whenever we had to leave the scene, we had to power off," says Kincaid. "But the minute we plugged it back in, the network came right back up automatically. We had none of the re-booting hassles that can occur with other equipment."

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